When a Black Marlin strikes...

It was a quite Sunday morning out in the Tuna grounds +-25 miles off Cape Point. We launched at first light from Simonstown, where our boat "DESTINY" is moored. We made our way to the tip of Cape Point looking for any signs of game fish on the way, but all seemed to be a bit quite and still. Although we did have warm 19 degree water, the color wasn't too good, it was a brown/green color and we wanted blue. We then proceeded to make our way to the Tuna Grounds in search for those elusive Yellowfin Tuna.

Once we got to the Tuna Grounds, near a place know to the local fisherman as "The Canyon", we had blue blue 21 degree water. The conditions were just perfect out there and our guests were waiting with sheer anticipation! After an two hours of searching for marks and bird life we hooked into our first SkipJack and not long after we had 3 fish on the boat, but we were looking for the bigger stuff!

The day went by and we were on our way back to Cape Point, with 3 SkipJack, but no Tuna. Unfortunately, that's how things go, BUT the day wasn't over yet! Once we got slightly closer to, roughly about 17 miles from Cape Point, one of our rods when off, it was another SkipJack! We quickly passed our guest, Sean the rod and he began to reel the fish in. Not even 10 seconds into the fight suddenly the whole boat erupts with excitement as a massive explosion takes place about 10 meters behind the boat! It was a 150kg+ Black Marlin, which had just taken our guests SkipJack! The unmistakable sound of the line tearing off the reel as the Marlin gave chase will stick with us for a life time! With our adrenaline pumping we all watch as this massive Black Marlin jumps clean from the water, doing what most fisherman call "tail-walking", using its tail to keep itself above the water while going for the SkipJack.

Before we knew it the line had snapped and the excitement was over - The smaller rods, which we had out the sides, can land Longfin Tuna up to 30kgs, but not that size Marlin. If it had to take the other lures our guest would have had a chance! I'm sure our guests wont be forgetting this trip in a long long time. What a day to remember!

Our guests holding their catch of the day, four SkipJack!

Our guests holding their catch of the day, four SkipJack!