For 9 months of the year Cape Boat Charters will take you out into the deeper oceanic waters off Cape Point – As a result of two large ocean currents, Benguela and Agulhas mixing, as well as the prevailing winds, nutrient rich waters are found at a place know to locals as the “Canyon” – this area is found close to the continental shelf, and it is here that we target the large tuna!

The four species of tuna we target:

  • Yellowfin
  • Longfin
  • Skipjack
  • Big Eye


During the warmer months in the Cape, we head out approximately 10 - 40 nautical miles off Cape Point in search of the big tuna. Yellowfin Tuna can weigh anything from 10kgs to 100kgs+ and put up an extremely good fight!


Yellowfin tuna have a dark metallic blue back with yellow sides and a silver belly. Their rear and dorsal fins, otherwise known to fisherman as "sickels" are bright yellow in color, hence the name "Yellowfin" tuna. 

Yellowfin Tuna Fish


Longfin, also known as "Albacore" is part of the tuna family and can weigh anything from 10kgs to 30kgs! They have a dark blue back with light blue/grey sides with abnormally long pectoral fins.

albacore (1).jpg

Longfin are found in temperate and tropical waters across the globe and are caught frequently off the Southern Cape Coast of Africa.



Skipjack have a streamlined body with a dark purple-blue back and a silver belly with dark bands flowing horizontally towards its tail. Skipjack can grow up to 1m+ in length and can weigh up to 18kg.


Being the smaller targeted tuna species, don't be fooled by the size, as this tuna fish will give you a strong one on one fight!

Skipjack Tuna Fish.jpg

These tuna can be caught trolling with lures, or by using bait in the warmer blue oceanic water found in the area. It generally takes anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours to land the bigger size tuna

It is not uncommon for us to catch other species of fish out in the deeper waters namely; include Big Eye Tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail.


  • Snacks and refreshments
  • 6 people max
  • All bait and tackle
  • Experienced boat guide