During our Inshore Fishing Trips we catch gamefish around the famous Cape Point area.

These fish include species such as:

  • Yellowtail
  • Cape Snoek
  • Katonkel

These gamefish are caught throughout the year and range in size from 2kgs to 10kgs! Caught on lighter tackle these fish put up an amazing fight for their size - Yellowtail are caught using lures as well as bait. These fish are delicious eating and are served as the “catch of the day” in most restaurants! 

In the calmer waters of False Bay, we target reef species such as:

  • Red Roman
  • Red Stump Nose 
  • Bronze Bream
  • White Stump Nose
  • Kob

The presence of small bait fish such as anchovy and squid, indicate that the game fish are not far away, while the seabirds usually indicate to the fishermen exactly where the fish are to be caught. Game fish normally chase the bait to the surface of the water and results in the seabirds swooping down and competing with the game fish for food.

Yellowtail charters are run on a full day, or half day basis and youngsters are welcome on this charter option!