Ski Boat Fishing Skills Course - Cape Town

Advanced Ski Boat fishing skills course:


Our three days of compiled learning consists of:

  • When, where & how to fish for tuna, Yellowtail, Katonkel, Snoek
  • Which baits to use
  • Which lures to use
  • Correct tackle to use
  • How to use it properly
  • How to set lines out and avoid tangling them
  • Helpful signs to watch for - water temperature, bird activity, sea currents, structures on fish finder, etc  
  • Watching and predicting the weather, and how to anticipate changes
  • Safety equipment, and how to use it correctly
  • Refresher on communications at sea, including emergency communication
  • Safe handling of a skiboat in various conditions - rough conditions, strong wind, big swells, following sea, crowded conditions, staying within the law (eg: correct distance from whales, etc)
  • Man overboard - what to do
  • Emergency situations - hypothermia, sea-sickness, hook injuries, sunstroke
  • Fire safety & fire response
  • Proper safety brief for crew at start of a trip
  • How the skipper can help the fisherman land that big one
  • Troubleshooting and fixing motor problems at sea and on land
  • Tips on successful slipway launching and returning
  • Gutting & filleting fish


Accommodation can be arranged, and airport transfers and daily transport provided.

This is a practical course, consisting of both tutoring on land and time at sea. Fishing permits and entry into False Bay Yacht Club will be arranged.

A daily lunch will be provided. Evening braais or restaurant outings can be arranged.

This course will be FUN! but it is also a serious course that will definitely enhance your confidence and success levels.

Our course Instructor is Alan Blacklaws, who is one of Cape Town's most experienced and respected Skippers. Our skiboat is "Destiny", our 8m LeeCat Xpressa.

All inclusive rate for 3-day course is R5,995.

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