Crayfishing Charters

This is a fun-filled experience for families and small groups!

Catch your own crayfish for the pot! In season (normally from November to January), we catch crayfish, using ringnets – they are caught in the shallower waters off Cape Point, and a total of four crayfish per person are allowed to be caught.

During the official crayfishing season, which is usually around the summer months of November, December and January, Cape Boat Charters invite you to join us on one of our exciting crayfishing charters – these crayfishing charters take place near the spectacular Cape Point area (the most South Western tip of Africa). We give you the chance to catch your own crayfish for the pot! These delicious  eating fish are plentiful at Cape Point and we are allowed to catch four of these per person in season. Permits are required to catch crayfish, and these we arrange on your behalf.

Ringnets are used to catch crayfish and the method used is to leave the baited ringnets on the seabed for 15 minutes before retrieving them again. A measure is used to check for the legal size of each crayfish.

(Check out a our short video-clip below showing a full ring net of Westcoast Rock Lobster being caught on a charter!)

Crayfishing charters are particularly popular with families or smaller groups with young children – you can expect to catch other interesting fish in the ringnets – these include sand sharks, star fish and smaller fish which we return to the sea.