The morning started with one of the most stunning sunrises we've had this year! When we arrived at Cape Point this morning around 7:30am, our tempreture gage was reading a mere 14 degrees which is relatively cold for our game fish, but that didn't stop us from giving it a try! Before we knew it we had large shoals of fish breaking the surface near us, but unfortunately with the water being so cold, the fish weren't really biting properly  - We started off trolling up and down the tip of Cape Point, dragging some of our best lures, resulting in some strikes on the backlines. We ended up landing 7 Yellowtail and 9 Katonkel, making for an awesome day of fishing! :)



False Bay was alive yesterday with MASSIVE pods of Common Dolphins and plenty Southern Right Whales. Despite having rain with us for parts of the morning, we were lucky enough to run a half-day Scenic Eco-Charter to Cape Point! Our morning started with a brief stop off at Patridge Point in False Bay to view a small seal colony of approximately 100 Cape Fur Seals - We then made our way to Cape Of Good Hope (most South Western tip of Africa). Cape Point from a sea perspective is breath-taking and a must for all keen photographers. These guests made sure they captured the moment before heading back home.  

On our return home we spotted five Southern Right Whales in the distance - Our guests fortunately had good cameras and were able to get some great pictures of these amazing animals! It was a great day for all involved! :)


Sundays Pelagic Bird Watching Charter saw only one trawler, but it was heading home (back to Cape Town) with relatively few birds following behind. We did however have a good day out - Birds seen today included a Northern Royal Albatross, Manx Shearwater's, Shy Albatross, Black Browed Albatross and White Chin Petrels

Interestingly, we also saw 6 Egyptian Geese heading out to sea, with very little chance of surviving - There was no explanation for this according to our Birding Guide: Cliffie Dorse

On our return to home, we encounted a few Humpback Whales not far off Cape Point, which wrapped up the interested day for us!